Personal Data Policy

Newsner is produced and operated by nyheter365 AB, a part of n365 Group Holding Inc. The personal data policy pertains to all trademarks and companies inside the n365
Holding Inc. (n365) group.

n365 are treating personal data electronically and the data that might be used are uppermost data that you directly or indirectly hand us through our services such as subscribing to our newspapers or newsletters, attending our events or through using our digital services, for example logging into certain parts of our websites or through using any other web service offered.

Among other things, personal data are used to fulfill the commitments of customer relations such as delivering products, invoicing, analysis, and marketing through mail,
phone or digital communication such as email or text messages. The data is also used to give you well-matched content in our digital services.

Personal data may be updated and supplemented through gathering data from private and public records in updating address-information. Personal data might also be handed over to other companies for necessary treatment ordered by n365, in connection to print, distribution and marketing, among other things. Personal data is never transferred from Sweden to countries outside the EEA.

Your personal data will be stored and used during the time you are actively involved with n365 and for a period of time you can use the benefits of being a registered user at n365.

Your data will never be used in any other way than giving you access to information and services from n365 or from a third party approved by n365.

If you do not wish to receive offers from n365 or from any third party approved by n365, you can easily unregister. All our letters contain information explaining how you go about.

You can also unregister not to receive future promotions or to request that incorrect or incomplete information should be withdrawn or changed by contacting n365 at

As a customer/subscriber/user, once each calendar year you can request information about your personal data free of charge. You can do this by send a written request, personally signed, to:

Privacy Policy N365 Group
c/o Nyheter365 AB
Stureplan 4A
114 35 Stockholm

If required. the personal data policy will be updated to follow the legal demands and the companies own usage of treating personal information.

Latest update: 5/9-2017